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Consider our studio to be your creative place! We have designed a homey creative project studio to fit your artistic needs!

At Brownout Studios, we are all about the lone musician. We have been there and know exactly what you need and are looking for...
COLLABORATION! We understand that as a working musician, or a striving musician, you need a team to help you get your next great project done! We have designed a series of services to make sure you come out sounding like the top professional you are! So are you ready? Let's collaborate!
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We all have our idols! Here are a couple we grew up on!!

Barbra Streisand - Evergreen with Babyface

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As of Tuesday - 9/16.
Who Likes FUNK?

Why Funk Will Never Go Out Of Style
Brownout Studios. Let us help you put a soundtrack to your stories!
As of Wednesday - 8/13.
What if we remodeled our studio bathroom to look like this? Hmmmmm

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With Nomore Tempo and 34 others.
As of Friday - 8/1.
Great video and download for writing songs quicker and more consistently! Great material we thought was worth sharing!

Free Cheat Sheet
Write more songs in less time and end writer's block forever.
As of Tuesday - 7/29.
Music Production

We have a state of the art studio with the latest gear to help you acheive that radio ready sound for your project! Our mixing, arranging, and mastering skills will make you wonder why you never discovered us sooner. All at a price you can't pass up!

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Song Consulting

Let's face it, it's tough to find writers to work with you in this business. Sometimes just having another person to bounce ideas off of is all you need to get over the writer's block. Let us assist you on your next writing project, whether it be lyrics, melody, or instrumental production!

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Mixing Mastering

So you have your project recorded already, and now need a second pair of ears to bring out that special sound and feel that is currently missing? Look no further. Our capabilities are not limited by genre. Let us show you how we blend analog fatness with digital purity to capture all the nuances of your performances.

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Are you a composer that needs parts scored? Do you need sheet music to go along with your song submissions? Not only can we read and produce music, we can also score it. This inludes parts, lyrics, transpositions, and more.

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